My name is Saman Narimousa and I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Communication. I’m a transfer student born and raised in Los Angeles and have a wide array of hobbies. You can find me anywhere in nature hiking, enjoying the beach, traveling from country to country, spending time with my lovely family, and experiencing new music events around the states.

Through this website, I want to accomplish the task of bringing my imagination to life through not only this site, but specifically through my blogs and projects. My posts will have a range of diversity, so I want to express my knowledge on the popular topics in today’s social climate. I want my audience to hopefully be inspired by my page, and understand that creativity comes in a variety of forms that they can create for themselves as well!

We currently live in a climate of intense political, social, and economical discrepancies. I use the news publications as a guide to inform me on a wekely basis on hot topics and issues worldwide. These are the following news sources that I use regularly :

Vice / CNN / LA Times / Pitchfork / The Outlines

In todays technological climate, it is easy to follow social media accounts for inspiration and to learn more about real world issues. Infleuncial sources in the entertainment industry but in all aspects of life drive me to grow as a human being. These following accounts influence me daily based on industries I’m interested in :

TED / Humans of NY / Complex / NASA / Ellen DeGeneres